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Greek Poems: A Story

This playful collection of poems, translations, and conjecture investigates the connections between poems and the lives of those who write them. We see how each can express and determine the other through characters that inhabit the gulf between who they are and who they pretend to be.

The individuals in this book struggle on thresholds of reconciliation—with themselves, with their loved ones, and with their communities. The stories behind these poems explore attempts to come out of the darkness in order to see and to be seen honestly, without illusion, and without fear of judgment.

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Bones In The Dam

Finn MacBride is a family man with a teaching career at a sleepy university in southern Ontario, but every year he is compelled to abandon his family and spend the summer fighting fires in northern Ontario, flying the same Bell HU-1 Iroquois helicopters he flew in combat.

Set against the backdrop of Lake Nipissing and the rugged taiga of the Hudson Basin, Bones in the Dam (91,000 words) delivers a penetrating look at the struggles a Canadian veteran faces after returning from service. As a young husband and father, Finn cannot acknowledge the toll that war has taken on him. In fact, he misses the clamor of battle. He pines for it, a man torn between the needs of his family and the need to relive—even to savor—trauma and danger.

Bones in the Dam takes a hard look at a crisis of modern masculinity: the relationship between fathers and sons and the challenges men face getting in touch with new roles as they move from the traditional to the modern. Finn is of a generation caught between.